December 6, 2023

Things I Want You To Know

I Am Human!

I want you to know that groomers are not machines or miracle workers! I groom because I love to help my clients keep their furry friends healthy, comfortable and looking awesome!

I can give your pet a wonderful bath and haircut. I can cut nails and clean ears, fluff their hair and give them kisses.

I cannot take your extremely matted dog and make him look like that calendar picture you brought me. I would love to be able to but it’s just not going to happen.


I want you to know that many factors go into my prices. Please do not ask for a discount or complain about my prices. Mobile Dog Grooming is a unique, luxury service. I am responsible for a living being while using sharp, sometimes noisy tools around them. I need to be aware of the safety of that pet, as well as my own, at all times. I work alone without the added help of an assistant. I only use premium, dog safe products! 

My equipment needs to be maintained and replaced throughout the year and my expenses increase yearly due to inflation and insurance costs continue to rise. I try not to pass on all of it to my clients but I need to provide for my family and continue to operate my business. 

Tips, To Give or Not To Give?

Tips are not automatically added into the price of your service. I greatly appreciate when my clients add a little extra money to show their gratitude for taking such good care of their fur baby. This is not a requirement, obligation or expected. It is a nice gesture and maybe I can stop and get some coffee, grab a quick lunch or offset that service fee for using your credit card! Whether you give or not, I will always love your fur baby and provide the utmost care each and every time!


I love animals, it’s the number one reason that I became a groomer! I always want to provide a calm, safe experience for every client! 

– your groomer, Janelle